Our services .

Nozha Business Company  provides complete quotations and consulting to our clients for the needs of the local market in cooperation with major international companies in the supply of all types of equipment and spare parts needed by the local market in ways that ensure the legal rights of clients.

 Nozha Business Company  also offers a variety of services, the import of all kinds of auto spare parts and import of all types of trucks for the company and an end to all customs clearance procedures and the delivery of products to customers.

Nozha Business Company   is characterized as providing a large number of dairy products and stainless steel in various forms.

We have a wide range of spare parts and equipment in the warehouses of the company’s exposure in times of work.

We have a specialist local and international team working on the marketing of our products and our customers products continuously to achieve the highest sales in less time, which helps to increase the speed of capital turnover in a short period to ensure the achievement of better financial gains while maintaining the capital.